4Student Work

The work presented within this section represents a sampling of student projects from three courses: ART 4883 Graphic Design for the Internet, which functions as an introductory course to basic HTML and CSS coding, ART 4863 Advanced Computer Studio, a course that covers more advanced concepts in web design and development, and ART 2813 Intermediate Computing, a prerequisite course to Graphic Design I that provides a balance of digital techniques and design concepts needed for progress into the Graphic Design program.

A large portion of the student web-based projects reflect a heavy emphasis on developing a portfolio site. Typically, within each section of every web course I teach, a considerable number of students enrolled are degree candidates for that semester and are, consequently, in the process of developing their final design portfolios and self-promotional materials. Because of this, I maintain the assignment of portfolio site development in each web course.

Because of my experience as a web designer, I also assign at least one project within each web course wherein the student must redesign a website. They have to carefully evaluate an existing site that they choose to redesign, develop a new streamlined site map, research and generate design sketches and wireframes, and then ultimately create the final digital mock-ups for both landing and internal page layouts for the project. This project parallels my own experiences in the field where redesigning a client’s existing website occurred more often than the opportunity to concept and design a site from scratch.

Included in the student work samples are projects from Intermediate Computing course wherein students are still being exposed to technical processes of design, and are beginning to be introduced to design concept and theory on a basic level. Students address objectives such as: having to use only typographical elements to create an illustration using only one color, having to make forced, conceptual connections combining basic clichéd images or icons, having to generate poster layouts using only spot colors or halftones and duotones, etc.